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Did you know that NASCAR and many other top drivers choose Sunoco fuels? There's a reason for that. Sunoco is the best and most efficient fuel on the market today.


Sunoco is the only major gasoline retailer that sells four grades of gasoline in the United States: Regular (octane grade 87), Plus (89), Premium (91), and Ultra93. Sunoco gasolines contain additives such as corrosion inhibitors and antioxidants,

which help to ensure quality and make the fuel last longer

between uses.


Know your octane!

Octane measures the antiknock quality of gasoline. High-octane fuel has less tendency to pre-detonate or knock as it’s being compressed. Regular octane is recommended for most cars, but some vehicles with high compression engines need

mid-grade or premium gasoline to deter problems.


Keep these facts in mind about octane ratings:

• Follow the auto manufacturer’s octane recommendations in

  your owner’s manual.

• It’s normal for an engine to ping a little bit at full throttle

  because cylinder pressures are very high. Engine knock,

  however, should not be ignored since it can result in serious

  damage to the engine. If you experience knock, try the next

  highest-octane grade to eliminate it.

Know that Sunoco offers 5 cents OFF per gallon with a Sunoco Rewards card.

All of our technicians are ASE certified.


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